Mission & Positioning

At a time when our society’s development model is being shaken, a responsible transformation of our economy is required. And since companies are the engine of this transformation, it is within them that solutions must be sought first. 

As strategy consultants, we have a key role to play: it is up to us to convince managers that a new business model adapted to the realities of the 21st century is possible. It is up to us to develop action plans that reconcile economic performance and the common good, according to the specificities of each company.

In support of this ambition, Kea & Partners France has become the first European strategy consulting firm to have adopted the quality of "Entreprise à mission" in March 2020. One year later, it obtained the B Corp certification.

Our mission, our raison d’être

To undertake transformations for a desirable economy

88 “Entreprise à mission” companies in France by the end of 2020
Since its creation, Kea & Partners France has been a precursor and catalyst of the changes to be made in the business world. The PACT bill has given us the opportunity to clearly express our raison d’être – to undertake transformations for a desirable economy – and to reaffirm our original ambition: to work towards a capitalism with a human face.

In doing so, we are committed to:

  • Make our commitments measurable and enforceable within the meaning of the Pact law, with the support of our Mission Committee; a major strategic inflection, much more than a simple legal amendment,

  • Open a new path in strategy consulting, a European-style, responsible and committed consulting, by anticipating and contributing to the renewal of the sector’s practices.

  • Be a “thought leader” in the field of responsibility, notably through our clubs & think thanks and the Desirable Economy platform.

Our 3 commitments, included in our statutes in March 2020

  • to clients: to guide managers and companies towards sustainable success, combining performance and contribution to the community
  • to the ecosystem: to promote innovation in responsible transformation
  • towards employees: to enable each person to be an actor in a changing world

By desirable economy, we mean a third way in which companies play a major role in making our ways of doing things more responsible.

By going back to the sources of this responsibility, we have sketched its contours around 4 concepts:

  • Collective: an economy that contributes to the common good and creates value for shareholders, customers, employees, society, and future generations

  • Time: an economy that reconciles short-term action with an awareness of its long-term impacts to preserve its key assets and its environment

  • Awareness: an economy that acts with an awareness of the effects of its actions on the world and on the future

  • Power: an economy that shares power and engages all ecosystems and sectors in dialogue and co-creation


Just one year after becoming a “Entreprise à mission”, Kea & Partners France has been certified as a B Corp, a complementary yet independent action. If becoming a “Entreprise à mission” is a strategic move, being B Corp certified means meeting a demanding international standard. B Corp measures the social and environmental performance of a company and certifies the excellence of its practices in five areas: Governance / Employees / Community / Environment / Customers. This is one more step for Kea, which places responsibility issues at the heart of the consultant’s job and the life of the firm, and above all the beginning of the road.

Our positioning

Kea, a partner for your transformations

In our world where change has become the norm and ecosystems are more demanding every day, managers must manage the day-to-day, move the lines, progress, anticipate and shape the future of their company… in a word, transform it. And to build models adapted to the realities of the 21st century, it is necessary to think differently about how to transform.

We are partners in the transformation of companies, taking a unique look at this strategic discipline, based on 20 years of research and development.

Our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world requires a new kind of company: its DNA is changing!

We work alongside managers to design and implement new ways of acting to prepare their organizations for the changes to come:

 … by making them more anticipatory, agile, aspirational, authentic… and therefore robust

 … by putting collective energy at the service of transformation and sustainable performance.

 It is not a question of waiting to clarify the objective and setting the course to start moving. Transformation is not change. There is no ”before” or ”after”: vision, management and appropriation are all done at the same time.

 It is the combination of an intelligently conceived strategy and a strong culture that makes the company perform well, by leading it to become resilient, learning, and sustainable. But not only that! In a world transformed by digital technology, the two strands of strategy and culture are now joined by technology.

Our fields of intervention

The future is coming, let’s build it together!

5 Major strategic issues for General Management
As strategy consultants, we help managers build the future of their company. Every day, we work alongside them in 5 major strategic areas:
  • Reinventing business models;

  • Optimizing operational models;

  • Rethinking governance and structure models;

  • Redefining management and leadership styles;

  • Elaborating transformation routes.

Our know-how in these five fields provides a double win if we combine it with an interdisciplinary approach that creates value. This is what led us to build the Kea Group…

Because Kea is also a consulting group…


Kea assisted the CODIR in defining a long-term industrial vision, translated into guidelines for the factory of the future and an Industry 4.0 roadmap. This exercise has helped to address the challenges of saturation of infrastructure and equipment, the lack of visibility on long-term developments in cosmetics production, and the challenges of improving performance.


Through the Transformation Alliance, a network of independent consulting firms, united by the same values and unique transformation know-how, with the shared ambition to embody a European alternative

… and a consulting school

Over the years, we have built an independent consulting school, with a partnership open to all consultants, concerned with transmitting its transformation know-how to new generations and nourished by academic research.