Kea, social actor

What does it mean to be a social actor?

Society is only the sum of the individuals who compose it, of their intentions, of their actions. For Kea, being a social actor is to promote the development of people but also to allow the ideas and convictions we hold to contribute to a more harmonious development of this society and to work for its sustainability.

This is part of our original project and to become a "Entreprise à mission" 20 years later was a natural step in our journey as committed and responsible consultants.

The proof of our commitment


Living well at Kea

150 passionate consultants

We have created a work environment that is conducive to the development of our employees, while respecting each individual’s personality and adapting our operating methods to limit our impact on the environment.

Our premises have a soul. They reflect our identity and our values – transparency, diversity and cooperation – while meeting the practical needs of all.

The transmission

  • … of capital: by building strong partnership, we can ensure that the created value is shared, and that the capital is passed on from the older to the younger

  • … of the know-how: it is realized through our practice of companionship,

  • … of the goodwill: it is the key to our development We share our capital of relationships and the youngest learn very early to build their network.

Doing our part

Like the hummingbird in the fable, we have done our part, on our own scale, little by little. Gradually, this state of mind has matured into unchanging convictions and then into collective and individual commitments. Solidary Christmas, Keanniversaire solidaire, a team of juniors in charge of sharing sessions and supporting personal initiatives…

While our current model of society is clearly showing its limits, it became obvious that we had to contribute at our level to the long transformation that is coming in the business world.


1st European consulting firm to become “Entreprise à mission”

Since the creation of Kea, we have developed a body of approaches and methods – the art of transformation according to Kea – placing the human being at the heart of value creation, taking great care of all stakeholders and seeking, when necessary, to limit social damage as much as possible.

In fact, this quickly led us to integrate CSR issues into our consulting practice. Since 2009, we have published and organized debates on the subject.

We ask ourselves questions and provide answers to managers in order to initiate the transformation of their company towards responsibility:

  • How to ensure, in a context of increasing scarcity and cost of raw materials, that the company will cover its needs?

  • How to ensure that the know-how, skills and means of production that the company needs throughout its value chain are maintained?

  • How to control the impact of the company’s activity on the environment when it is degrading, with direct or indirect consequences for human beings?

  • How can we attract and keep the men and women who are essential to the company by responding to their development aspirations?

  • How to harmoniously integrate the company with the societies in which it develops its activity?

Today, we want to accelerate the transformation into responsibility: our own and that of our clients. This is our commitment as strategy consultants. While ambitious and difficult, we believe that this transformation is desirable for mankind, for society and for our companies themselves. Which obviously have a major role to play! Growth is no longer the alpha and omega of value creation. For several years now, our body of work has been evolving in this direction, moving from the question of “how?” to the questions of ”what?” and ”for what?”.

Taking this course means working for the development of both companies and their employees, while respecting natural balances. It means thinking differently about how to transform in order to build economic models adapted to the challenges of the 21st century.

Therefore, it is quite natural for Kea to support the Pact bill, which aims to put companies and their employees on the path of continuous progress. It is neither a norm nor an obligation, but rather an incentive law that respects the intelligence of managers and gives them the opportunity to move forward at the pace of their organizations, to the best of their ability. A law that is part of a dynamic of modernization of economic life and of companies, by recognizing their vocation beyond their role as players.


CO, a strategy consulting firm dedicated to supporting general interest projects

Kea is strongly committed to the social economy through CO, a non-profit consultancy, and its skills sponsorship policy
CO Conseil, a non-profit consulting cooperative, was created in 2014 under Syntec Conseil and at the initiative of 4 founding firms, including Kea – with the ambition of increase their impact on society and to provide effective support to general interest projects.

CO consultants are experienced consultants, detached from their founding firms for several months.

They put their expertise, methods, and strategy & transformation tools at the service of project leaders, such as the winners of the national competition of the Fondation “La France s’Engage”. The presidency of CO is entrusted in turn to the presidents of the four founding firms. Arnaud Gangloff, President of Kea & Partners, has taken on the responsibility in 2019.

In this way, CO has carried out more than 80 general interest projects aimed at providing solutions to the issues of employment, precariousness, health prevention, disability, international solidarity, etc.

Skills sponsorship policy

We mobilize our skills and energy in support of associations working for causes that contribute to the improvement of society: employment assistance, entrepreneurship, and human development.

We also aim to provide Kea & Partners consultants with experiences, outside of their projects in companies, that will enrich their vision, their thoughts, and their points of view on their job.

We intervene for associations with multiple vocations in the field of social entrepreneurship:

  • Acta Vista – Agrisud International – Ashoka – Fondation Abbé Pierre – PlaNet Guarantee

  • In the field of employment and professional integration:

  • ADIE – Institut de l’engagement – SNC Solidarités Nouvelles face au Chômage

  • In the field of CSR in the broad sense:

  • Entrepreneurs of the Future – Le Rameau

  • Humanitarian action:

  • Chemins d’Enfances – French Red Cross


Mieux Manger, 8 concrete actions with a strong national impact

For several years, Kea & Partners and CO Conseil have been committed to supporting Make.Org’s major national cause “Agir pour Mieux Manger”. Driven by a record mobilization (460,000 participants / 1.26M votes / 8,130 proposals, a mobilization record beaten!), this citizenly consultation has allowed us to develop an ambitious action plan from civil society with the support of our teams.

Unveiled at the International Agricultural Show, this plan includes 8 concrete actions with a strong national impact (National Agricultural and Food Heritage Day, Mission Jeunesse Agricole, Agri’Don, Local Sales Platform, Less Plastic Collective, Easy Bulk…) to ensure that everyone has access to healthy and balanced food that respects the environment and preserves the sustainability of our agricultural sectors.

Providing access to healthcare for all, particularly in Africa and Asia

In order to provide laboratories with an innovative response, we have supported the incubation of Tech Care for All, a social economy start-up created by Emmanuel Blin, of which we are co-founders. Our ambition is to transform access to healthcare for patients in Africa and Asia in a sustainable way through the deployment of digital health technologies.

To this end, TC4A builds and markets a portfolio of e-health solutions that have proven their worth in Western countries or develops new solutions of its own, and ensures their deployment by relying on networks of local entrepreneurs as well as on major donors present in Africa and India.

Acting in solidarity in times of crisis

In support of the national collective and solidarity movement, Kea & Partners and CO Conseil have contributed to the implementation of the Civic Reserve, a national platform in favor of the action of associations in the fight against the coronavirus. A way for us to respond to the many challenges raised by the health crisis by taking part at our level.