Data Intelligence

DATA GAME CHANGER OPERATIONAL USE CASE INDUSTRIALIZATION OF THE DATA SECOTR TWO-SIDED PLATFORMS The potential of data in companies is enormous and is transforming everything in its path: customer relations, business lines, processes, the way decisions are made, and business models. To take advantage of its full potential, we need to take a proactive approach […]

Innovation & Prospective

INNOVATIVE STRATEGIES INNOVATION CULTURES INNOVATION SYSTEMS INNOVATION DEPLOYMENT Creating value for the customer (renewing their offer), creating value for the brand (developing its uniqueness), optimizing value capture (redesigning its value chain) or even disrupting before being disrupted (anticipating market disruptions), innovation is versatile and can serve many strategic objectives: a playground to be framed in […]

Digital & Technologies

DIGITALIZATION OF CUSTOMER RELATIONS DIGITALIZATION OF THE OPERATING MODEL IT OF THE FUTURE NEW BUSINESS MODEL FACTORY After the first shockwave of digitalization, companies were faced with mixed results. Even though companies all started the movement towards digitalization (hiring a Chief Digital officer, digitalizing processes, marketing and e-commerce strategy…), the results remain disparate, to say […]

Governance & Structure

CENTRAL FUNCTIONS POST-MATRIX EMPOWERMENT RESILIENCE The business world has dramatically changed over the last thirty years. What was once the competitive advantage of structures, i.e. a force for cohesion, arbitration and integration of decisions, has been strongly questioned. There is an urgent need to remake the structure into a reference framework that integrates three fundamental […]

Management & Leadership

MANAGERIAL MODELS TEAM DYNAMIC TRANSFORMING HR EXECUTIVE COACHING Although innovation is at the heart of our companies’ performance, attention is still too often focused on digital innovation and its technological prowess; the economic or ecological innovation, forgetting the men and women behind it. Today, more than ever, managerial innovation must be on executives’ agenda. How […]

Operating Model

MARKETING & TRADE PROCUREMENT & RESPONSIBLE PURCHASING OPERATIONS OF THE FUTURE LEAN & OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE EBIT RECOVERY RESPONSIBLE RESTRUCTURING Operational excellence, lean management, simplification, ebit recovery… there are many terms used to describe the search for a sustainable competitiveness, taken in hand by the teams and embedded in their reflexes. Gradually, the field of reflection […]

Responsible Transformation

IMPACT & RESPONSIBILITY PROGRAM & CHANGE MANAGEMENT AGIL & ALERT CULTURE NEW WAYS OF WORKING CIRCULAR ECONOMY Behind the question “how?” that prevailed in companies over the last few decades, the question “for what?” has now clearly emerged. Growing, producing, getting rich, all this continues to be essential, but for what? What is the purpose […]

Strategy & Business Models

STRATEGIC STUDIES & PLANS VISION & STRATEGIC NARRATIVE FROM DUE DILIGENCE TO PMI STRATEGIC PROGRAM MANAGEMENT GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY BRAND & RELATIONAL SIGNATURE Activate or reactivate internal development levers, detect external growth relays: in the face of a sluggish economy, creative strategies, unique brands, different customer relationships, renewed sales organizations… in short, original and customized approaches […]