Evolving in Kea & Partners

5 steps will mark your career path

Marinely Luchini, HR, Financial & Administration Partner

At Kea & Partners, the potential of a consultant is expressed in 3 dimensions

Like many of our peers, we are looking for EXCELLENCE, but in addition to the classical requirements for a strategy and management consultant, we are also involved in the Art of Responsible Transformation. To do this, we progressively lead our consultants to be as comfortable in the analytical as in the emotional, to know how to conciliate strategic approaches and everything related to company culture, and constantly innovate in their approaches.

We promote CRITICAL MINDSHIP AND PROACTIVITY: we encourage our consultants to form convictions on the subjects of their choice and to express them loud and clear. We expect them to engage with our clients, to share their challenges and to challenge them in their decision-making and actions.

We cultivate A STYLE CONNECTED TO OUR GENES AND OUR SINGULARITY: no arrogance, but rather empathy, humility, and above all a strong ambition for our clients. Our consultants can quickly be accepted among the client’s teams, they are recognized for their impact and their ability to dialogue, both with general management and operational staff, who are at the heart of the transformation of a company.

Our career paths are marked by 5 grades


3 years to discover our different sectors and subjects of intervention, through a great variety of projects and clients, with a different team each time. There are 3 objectives for this period: acquiring the fundamentals of a transformative consultant’s job, gradually identifying your favorite areas of intervention, and acquiring autonomy.

Internally and from the beginning, all Kéistes have the opportunity to contribute to subjects that motivate them.

The “staffing” and the companionship constitute the cornerstone of the job’s learning curve, and professional choices.

As a Consultant, your successive assignments to projects will be managed by a dedicated committee composed of the managers (all Directors and Senior Partners) of the different Business Units assigned. Its mission is the permanent search for a balance between the application of already acquired skills and the learning of new facets of our business.

During the first two or three years, we are committed to helping you discover the diversity of our profession, both in terms of economic sectors and subjects. This will make it easier for you to choose your first direction when you become a Senior Consultant.

As you work on your projects, you will learn our business and progress by working with more experienced consultants. Learning by example, working together, alternating between zones of comfort and zones of imbalance, will allow you to progress rapidly, gaining autonomy, while respecting your own development pace. Each project manager will play the role of “master companion” with you for the duration of an assignment and beyond, if you wish.

You will make your own path, drawing inspiration from the diversity of your experiences.


3 to 4 years to deepen your preferred subjects within a functional or sectoral team further developing your skills to reach the necessary level for companionship and management responsibilities. Developing client relationships and your professional network, further contributing to our development and innovation work will take an increasing part of your work.

Your training will take place primarily in the field, within your project teams at the client’s site

Once or twice a year, to complete your learning process, our ad hoc training program will allow you to take a step back and recharge your batteries.

During 2-to-5-day sessions, with your “promotion”, you will complete the acquisition, alongside very experienced consultants, of the technical and behavioral skills and the general culture required by our business.

During these days, the Managers, Directors or Senior Partners in charge of elaborating and directing your training courses will have the mission to share their knowledge, experience and know-how to add new perspectives to your own experience.


Years of consolidation of the chosen professional orientation within a sectorial or transverse practice. These are years of Project management for the client, for the team, on the substance and form. The commercial relationship and all that surrounds it will become a new learning ground for 3 to 5 years.


Reference in their speciality both internally and externally, carrier of our know-how, of the development of our brand and of all or part of our customer portfolio in their field of expertise, they embody Kea & Partners with more and more autonomy.


Every day, an entrepreneurship experience and the responsibilities that go with it – business, management, strategic orientations, operational decisions, networks and relationships, publications, etc. – and always clients, projects, consulting teams.

Ana Lupo

Senior Consultant

Here, everyone is listened to and invited to help. The future is promising, and I am motivated to help the company grow!

Guilherme Nunes


At Kea I found a solid company with a long history in the latin american market

Pedro Barboza


Moved by the desire to undertake consultancy and to have contact with different cultures, I found Kea!

Pedro Figueiredo


Opportunity to be part of the construction of the office in Latin America