Kea & Partners Latinoamerica


“Kea & Partners Latinoamerica, headquartered in São Paulo, was born in 2013. It was not only the beginning of a beautiful story, but also the culmination of a path. This Brazilian story was born in Mexico in the 2000s! I went there with the aim of creating a subsidiary of Kea & Partners France. The adventure didn’t come to fruition, but seeds were planted: Latin America had taken a place in my heart and Kea realized the potential of the region.​​”
Cyril Vogel – Senior Partner and General Manager of Kea & Partners Latinoamerica


2013, the energy of undertaking, Kea & Partners Latinoamerica

In 2013, we were more experienced, stronger and more prepared. I made the decision to try a new landing in Latin America, this time in Brazil and chose to undertake.

​Kea & Partners Latinoamerica has a very valuable quality: encouraging all those who want to thrive and who find the right way, allowing doors to open, leveraging their development. A rare space of freedom and benevolence.

​From my personal and progressive professional maturity came the vital energy to undertake and the courage to risk. Brazil in evidence and São Paulo as its great pole emerged as the most obvious option. The most loyal customers supported us and Kéa put confidence and energy into the project. The conditions were all set. We were more mature, confident, and together we aimed for success! What happened? Everything was quickly organized: project ideation, investment and incentive of Kea group, creation of the structure, recruitment of consultants, commercial relationship and beginning of projects. I was focused but serene: the business was already established.


“The future is in South America”

Today Kea & Partners Latinoamerica is a company in full growth. We developed ourselves in Brazil and the Latin American region, supporting our international and local clients from the main sectors of activity in order to generate positive impacts on the transformation of their companies, based on the extensive know-how of Kea & Partners and The Transformation Alliance (TTA). We work to support them in projects of acquisition, development, operational performance, Supply Chain, vision definition, transformation of the organization, among other topics. We work locally, but we know how to harness the potential of our international network when necessary.

Our ambition is to become a recognized player in the consulting market both in Brazil and throughout Latin America. We want to bring to companies the know-how and methods that reconcile analysis and actions in a unique dynamic, supported by the human capital of organizations. We develop responses and approaches “tailor-made”, always respecting the culture of our customers, accompanying them from the definition of a strategy until its implementation.

To thrive in our goals, we have built a multicultural and multilingual team, with carefully recruited consultants, according to our values and requirements. These people are our most valuable capital; we work for its development and its realization. This is how we build the culture and identity of our consulting firm: fully Latin American, without losing the original values of Kea & Partners France. In fact, for us, being “Latin-European” is to combine the way of act and to relate of Latin Americans with the structure and methods inherited from Europe.​

We work to support companies in strategy projects, market entry, Route-to-Market, cultural and organizational transformations, operational performance, among other topics. We want to create long-term relationships with our clients, being the architects of their transformation and their performance.

"Tomorrow, huh? We'll see... I'm confident.  It only takes to go the right way, no hurry. There's a lot of work ahead of us, but the path is clear. After all, "God is Brazilian". Latin America promises a beautiful future and we won’t lack the energy to seize the opportunities!​"