Our consultants are the reflection of our singularity

Stéphanie Nadjarian, Partner

Stéphanie Nadjarian, Partner

What is the added value of transformative consultants, what is their role?

They know how to combine strategy and culture, the technical and the human, design and implementation, the meaning given to action and the action itself, the “what” and the “how”. On a day-to-day basis, he or she is present at the client’s site, close to the teams, to understand their history, their culture, their ways of doing things, working with them in co-creation to find the most appropriate solutions and to instill the energy that will ensure their long-term success.

What is the profile of a transformative consultant?

We recruit graduates of top-ranking management and engineering schools, with the basic qualities required of any strategy and management consultant:

  • Open-minded, curious, passionate about diversity, challenge, permanent discovery and exploration of new horizons

  • Demonstrated ability to analyze, synthesize, providing rigor and structure

  • Power of reasoning and work

  • Strong impact and strength of conviction

  • Ability to conceptualize

  • Fluency in English and a third language if possible

But, to become a transformative consultant, other distinctive skills are essential:

  • Natural empathy, strong ability to communicate, to adapt to all levels of interlocutors, to build solid relationships, and a real taste for human relationships

  • Creativity and strong ability to think outside the box

  • Willingness to take initiatives and to undertake

  • Enthusiasm and strong leadership, while knowing how to remain humble, moderate, available, simple, and attentive

  • Willingness to forge one’s own convictions, to develop them and to defend them

  • Permanent concern to question oneself, to progress and to help others progress

  • International or bicultural profile, subject to a very good level of oral and written English.

So, do you think you have the profile of a future Kéistes?