Services & Finance

BANK INSURANCE The new economy – digital and knowledge-based – is profoundly transforming service companies. Platform companies, artificial intelligence, sustainability laws and corporate responsibility, revolution of customer relationships, agile marketing… these are all opportunities to rethink business models and ways of working according to the specific challenges of each sector. How we support our clients […]

Mass Consumption

AGRICULTURE & AGRI-FOOD LUXURY BEAUTY & COSMETICS WINES & SPIRITS The world of consumer goods is undergoing a major transition: consumers looking for meaning, global competition, AI reinventing consuming modes and habits, technologies like robotization revolutionizing business models, digitalization of marketing, blockchain and 3D printing, CSR at the heart of strategies, etc.). So how can […]


AERONOUTICS AND DEFENSE CONSTRUCTION HEALTH & E-HEALTH The last three years have seen the acceleration of major changes: digital transformation of operations and distribution, open innovation strategies, new business models, development of responsible activities, and a rethinking of the managerial & human pact. Coming out of an incredibly prolific period, industrial companies have come up […]


FOOD RETAIL SPECIALIZED RETAIL FASHION In one century, retailing has gone through three major revolutions: the opening of the first shopping centers (“Grands Magasins”) at the end of the 19th century, the hypermarket in the 1960s, and the e-commerce, which is now taking over. In mature markets, e-commerce is now driving growth. The buying process […]