Innovation & Prospective

Creating value for the customer (renewing their offer), creating value for the brand (developing its uniqueness), optimizing value capture (redesigning its value chain) or even disrupting before being disrupted (anticipating market disruptions), innovation is versatile and can serve many strategic objectives: a playground to be framed in order to make innovation even more effective!

How we support our clients

Hybridization is at the epicenter of our consulting practices. And what better way to innovate than with Kea and Tilt ideas, a strategic innovation consulting firm and the “agitator” of the Kea Group.

What sound does an idea make when it accidentally escapes from your mind, upsets your convictions, agitates your senses, and makes the tips of your toes quiver? ”Tilt”, of course!

Tilt is an iconoclastic and enthusiastic consultancy firm that relies on three areas of expertise – foresight, brand, and innovation – and alternates between “in-room” and ”collective” methods to breathe new life into corporate strategies and translate them into concrete applications. Together, we advise top management to build the future they want and make foresight and innovation the driving forces behind their company’s purpose, by addressing 4 major fields:

  • Creative & innovative strategy: reinventing their strategy through innovation, imagining new brand positioning and the products and services that will embody the company’s image, helping to bring new projects, ideas and initiatives into the world… and finally, to identify trends and new uses

  • Innovation culture: developing an internal culture that promotes innovation, unlocking the full potential of the company

  • Innovation systems: creating the most efficient systems for innovation, shaping processes adapted to the internal innovation culture and to customer issues (from test sandboxes to innovation departments and role)

  • Deploying innovation: supervising the launch of innovative projects, deploying them on a large scale, helping to reduce the time to market with the help of rapid prototyping

Innovation for Good is Tilt's counterpart to Kea's responsible transformation: a daily driver for generating positive impact innovation and thinking about a desirable and sustainable future.

Our know-how


Reinventing strategy through foresight

Opening the field of (im)possibilities!

High impact business visions are always born from an inspired vision of the future. That’s why we help our clients design themselves and open up the field of (im)possibilities, imagine the future of their markets as close as possible to their targets, inspire approaches, and invent new positioning.

Then, we engage with them in a bold and creative exercise to redesign the edges of their strategy and their brands by taking a gamble on the future and guiding them along a path towards rigorous and actionable choices. We help them create, design, test, and deploy new products and services.

Our innovative strategy projects

We accompany our clients at each step, according to their needs:

  • Inspiration to provide the material to create the spark and decentralize, through inspiring foresight methods, a fresh eye (œil neuf ©) diagnosis of the organization, a mapping of intangible assets

  • Aspiration to stimulate the conditions for creativity, through a strategic scenario planning exercise to imagine the future

  • Expression to select the winning strategy and drive change, through convergence towards a scenario and translation into a clear strategic trajectory

In co-construction with our clients, we also accompany them in designing, prototyping and testing new growth drivers.

Design of the strategic plan of a wine industry player

Kea & Tilt supported the expression of a new ambition to develop the position of the industry’s wines in the world and its consequences (products, markets, value creation), earning the support of professionals and generating a collective dynamic for its implementation: 40 permanent professionals involved, 80 stakeholders in key moments, 7,000 companies invited via a collaborative platform

Definition of the innovation strategy of a pharmaceutical company

We helped define an innovation strategy to contribute to the management of innovative projects and the start-up spirit of a subsidiary: characterization of the innovation culture, 5-year vision scenarios, training of employees and transition to POC mode


Fostering innovation while highlighting the company’s DNA

Bringing out the potential!

Innovation is not a ready-made recipe. It must be fed by the corporate culture and adapted to the employees. It is above all a question of overall system consistency. Through its Innotype® tool, Tilt conducts a diagnosis to understand the current innovation system and the aspirations for tomorrow in order to make it evolve by observing 6 fields:

strategy, culture, governance, structure and organization, tools, and knowledge management. Based on this diagnosis, our teams work with clients to establish the signs, norms and practices needed to transform behaviors in depth, create ad hoc empowerment programs in line with cultural transformation needs, measure their impact over time, and help them move from idea to action.

Our cultural transformation projects regarding innovation

Creation of an “Innovation Day” for a spirits company

Tilt’s teams worked to organize a day of mobilization around innovation on 3 major subjects: CSR, data, and disruptive innovation – to create an electroshock and give teams the desire to act. More than 60 ideas shared and grouped into 24 clusters, 6 ideas deepened and pitched during the session, 68 employees involved

Structuring a service academy for an airline company

We helped anchor the company’s service signature and customer culture by working in three areas: strengthening the ”service signature”, differentiating itself in the airline market, and developing a culture of innovation in customer relations within the teams, through forward-looking observatories, analysis of existing reference structures, and creating an academy


Creating the most efficient systems for innovation

Innovate internally… and with others!

An innovation system is designed based on a culture, challenges, DNA, and specific orientations. That’s why we work with our clients to design the systems and processes that suit them: from sandbox tests to innovation departments and functions. Because innovation is not done alone, we set up and lead an ecosystem of tailor-made partners, serving the growth strategy of our clients, while orchestrating innovative projects and systems in the seed phase.

Our innovation system design projects

Design & implementation of an open innovation system for a beauty and skin care products group

We contributed to recreate a sustainable “capacity” for adjacent and disruptive innovation on a part of the group’s perimeter, while initiating a transformation of the innovation culture: identification of talent populations and pools, design and detailed prototyping of engagement systems, pilot deployment of certain systems, and interweaving with the group’s innovation system

Construction of an ad hoc innovation system for a luxury company

Kea & Tilt supported the implementation of an innovation structure connected to the organization and its challenges: ambition framing and inspiration, system design (organization, governance, strategic and decision-making processes), operationalization and transfer (ecosystem’s constitution, design of the monitoring system, first projects’ selection, launch and PMO, recruitment, and teams’ onboarding)


Implementing innovations successfully in the market

… while reducing time-to-market!

Impulse, launch, takeover and methods, industrialization… the deployment of an innovation should not be left to chance. With the help of rapid prototyping, we support the launch of our clients’ innovative projects and accelerate their time-to-market. We also help our clients’ teams to take control of their innovation projects by encouraging methods, attitudes, and reflexes conducive to change, using agile methods.

Finally, we rely on our clients’ organization and ecosystem to deploy their projects on a larger scale and prepare for industrialization.

Our innovation deployment projects

Development of a new drink for a food industry player

Tilt accompanied the development from scratch of a brand-new drink launched on the British market through an accelerated process (3 months): starting from 12 scenarios, we co-designed 2 MVPs (brand, formulation, storytelling…) with consumers through 3 iterative loops

Strengthening the innovation process of an energy research company

Tilt ideas worked on the project portfolio by working on the entire cycle from the monitoring phase to the selection of projects, including the idea generation phase, while including a foresight phase upstream of this idea generation, to make the research program evolve