Kea, a multi-specialist group

Your future is coming, let’s build it together!

Kea & Partners has strengthened its ability to support general management on all issues that determine the future of their company through the construction of the Kea Group. From now on, the consultant’s job is no longer limited to making a diagnosis and providing solutions to improve the company’s operations. It is now a matter of deciphering the upheavals at work with managers in order to be one step ahead and build long-term transformation programs.

As a consulting architect, Kea relies on the hybridization of expertise within an integrated ecosystem that goes beyond the traditional perimeter of strategy and management in order to build the future of companies with agility.

An interdisciplinary approach at the epicenter of our practices

We support you throughout the world in all areas of strategy consulting: business consulting (Kea & Partners), innovation & foresight (Tilt ideas), digital (KeaEuclyd), data intelligence (Veltys), deployment of complex transformations (Arkos), talent development (KeaPrime), executive coaching (Kea Executives), and the social and solidarity economy (CO Conseil).

With 4 key sectors of intervention:

  • Retail and consumer goods, both historical sectors of Kea;

  • Industry, in particular aerospace/defense, construction and health;

  • Services, especially financial services.

A collective of entrepreneurs

The Kea Group is a group of committed entrepreneurs, guided by the same values and convinced that, given the 3 disruptions we are experiencing – digital, strategic innovation and positive impact -, people are at the heart of value creation.

The group is thus structured around 3 areas of expertise:

  • Impact & responsible transformation

  • Digital, data & technology

  • Strategic innovation

Our mission is to work with managers to meet these challenges, whether it is a question of responsible transformation and CSR, which are powerful levers of performance for our companies, or digital transition, which is already underway but not yet complete, or market globalization, where almost everything remains to be done, particularly for French SMEs. It is our responsibility to help our clients reconcile these three disruptive factors to transform their companies. This is how they will be able to resist the power of the FAANG and unicorns. In the European innovation landscape, French companies still too often find themselves in the group of followers, but we can help them do much better.

The challenges of a young ETI

Through its DareWin growth plan, for a doubling of its revenues and workforce over the next five years, Kea is pursuing its ambition to become the leading French consulting group for general management. This objective is based on a strategy of expansion of the Kea Group and hybridization of skills through external growth operations.

”Now recognized as a leading strategy consulting firm, Kea has reached a turning point in its development. It is up to us to accelerate. The magnitude of the challenges posed by the disruptions our companies are experiencing gives us the opportunity to assert our transformation know-how in a multidisciplinary approach. New strategic fields are opening, it’s time to reinvent efficient and sustainable business models better anchored in our century”. Arnaud Gangloff, President of the Kea Group

Beyond that, we want to be an alternative to Anglo-Saxon firms, by becoming a European reference in terms of responsible transformation, in line with our status as a “Entreprise à mission”. Similarly, our international development is also atypical in the consulting world. We have built an alliance of independent firms, capable of intervening anywhere in the world, with the same practice of transformation as a strategic discipline.

Interdisciplinarity, a project-based mindset

Beyond the Kea Group’s expertise, we rely on external partners to support our clients across the entire value chain and to provide them with the most efficient response. We are committed to defining and implementing a strategy that guarantees both short-term performance and future growth: this is where our added value is measured, on our ability to articulate the different time horizons in a visionary approach. This know-how is a double win if we combine it with a cross-fertilization approach that creates innovation and added value.

Some of our partners as an example (non-exhaustive list):


Founded in 1997 by Richard Barrett, the Barrett Values Center provides quantification tools to measure and manage the culture of an organization and the leadership improvement needs of its leaders and managers. The associated methodology is based on a classification of the values, principles or motivating factors of employees and aims to identify the gaps between personal values, the values of the corporate culture to date and the desired values, between different groups, or even between two companies wishing to move closer together. The examination of limiting values allows us to measure the cultural entropy of an organization, i.e. the amount of energy spent on non-productive work; this is a measure of the existing conflicts, frictions and frustrations. Kea & Partners is one of the BVC / CVA accredited firms in France.


Enioka is one of the Kea Group’s reference partners for managing the complexity of information systems, in particular through a high-performance modeling service. Its services are based on innovative tools and meta-models developed by the firm.


Souffl relies on a collaborative design approach, aiming to explore and design the future of their company with their employees, thanks to an immersion as close as possible to their habits, feelings, and expectations. In the end, it is a customized transformation path to reinvent customer paths, processes, and service offers.


Kea & Partners has contributed to the incubation of Tech Care for All (TC4A), a start-up specialized in the deployment of e-health technologies in Africa and Asia. This partnership provides healthcare actors with digital solutions that have already proven their worth, by supporting their adaptation and deployment in local contexts.

On projects, we sometimes call on the expertise of QualiQuanti, which advocates an enriched approach to research – the hyperquali –  with more than 500,000 mobilizable consumers around the world – and relies on a holistic and cultural approach to brands and markets.