Data Intelligence

The potential of data in companies is enormous and is transforming everything in its path: customer relations, business lines, processes, the way decisions are made, and business models. To take advantage of its full potential, we need to take a proactive approach to transforming our businesses and operating methods. We must think big, start small, and move forward quickly…

How we support our clients

After a joint venture in 2017 with Euclyd, a specialist in digital strategy and acceleration, Kea & Partners continued its strategic shift into tech, entering a partnership with Veltys, a consulting firm specializing in data science, in 2018.

The unique approach developed by Kea & Partners and Veltys combines strategy and action, organizational transformation, and Data techniques at the service of companies, with a solid expertise based on strong links with research in econometrics and statistics.

Together, we support companies in various fields, from awareness to industrialization:

  • Advanced analytics: operations optimization, revenue development, and the industrialization of the future Data industry

  • Deep learning & artificial intelligence: adoption of emerging technologies to respond appropriately to needs such as predictive purchasing behavior, dynamic optimization of resources under constraints, fraud detection, etc

  • Two-sided platforms: working alongside companies as they move from the traditional model to that of a platform company.

Our know-how


Become aware of the potential of data

Data, a strategic “game changer” in B2C and B2B

Taking control over the market value for a new player is now possible thanks to data, by taking hold of the customer relationship and optimizing operation management. These new entrants make the historical players lose their customer relationship primacy and its added value: as soon as a player in a sector makes a move on the data topic, the whole sector is impacted.

While traditional players have strong assets (brand, legitimacy, customer base, assets, etc.), their awareness of the potential of data and its profound influence in decision-making is still uneven. Even though there are many possibilities, we  must admit that some companies are still far from scaling up.

This is why we accompany our clients in their data journey by starting a reflection on the strategic nature of data for their company: decision-making and management, improvement of existing systems, new operational models, additional or new business lines, market disruption…

Our game-changing data projects

We work with our clients to make them aware of the potential of data and to reveal the resources that can be activated in their markets, notably through acculturation seminars, a data diagnosis of the value chain and an initial estimate of the human, financial and technological resources required.


Creating a competitive advantage through data science

Leverage data to streamline decision-making

For the past 20 years, data technologies have been accelerating and offering new ways to collect and exploit data. Today, companies have access to a broad variety of data, notably under the influence of e-commerce, customer knowledge and connected technologies. Information systems have been organized in ERP systems that can consolidate and better link data together.

At the same time, the exploitation of data has changed in terms of dimension. The cloud provides easy access to computing and storage capacities. Advanced statistical approaches are spreading and artificial intelligence is opening a new frontier in the ability to make data speak. The potential of data is enormous but often remains untapped. The challenge? Successfully collecting and exploiting this data by integrating it quickly and at the right level of ambition into an activity that is already in place.

We help our clients choose their use cases to provide innovative and differentiating answers to a number of their operational problems, likely to generate a short-term ROI.

Our data science projects from operational use cases

We help our clients leverage data to streamline decision-making on topics covering promotional policy, pricing, traditional marketing mix optimization, cross-sell/upsell, assortment optimization, rotation optimization, purchasing, key account management, customer acquisition topics… by building complex simulation models, based on a fine granularity of data, with systematic de-meaning to distinguish between effects and modeling, and propose target scenarios.

Optimization of the promotional policy of a large clothing group

Kea redesigned the promotion policy. We did an assessment of the current discount approach and market practices. Then we designed and implement a pilot on a new discount approach, achieving immediate ROI on one of the group’s 10 brands

Evolution of the pricing policy of a B2B brand

Kea conducted a big data analysis of the actual prices practiced by our client and the market, before implementing a new methodology for the establishment of public prices that took into account price elasticity and the windfall effect. After measuring the impact of the new grid by statistical modeling, we contributed to its operational implementation


Imagining, building and industrializing the data sector in the service of strategy

Adopting a different approach from traditional IT channels to avoid pitfalls

There are few events that can be described as ‘game changers’ in the life of companies. Data is one of them. Because it amplifies strategy, operational models and businesses, data is a major strategic opportunity for the next 10 years. It is also a need, attainable by all companies,  crucial in a world in full digital transformation.

You must imagine, build and industrialize your Data sector from a significant existing base, make it your own, and live with it by intensively transforming your current businesses and operating methods. You can even consider your current competitors as future partners. Data is also a lever for corporate responsibility, to be activated in 4 areas: commitment and trust, value sharing, decision control and serendipity. There are many issues to anticipate in order to organize your data strategy in the best possible way.



Our data industrialization projects

We work with our clients in four areas to gradually reach an industrial capacity target:

  • Strategy, by putting data at the heart of the company

  • The proofs (MVP, building the foundation…)

  • Scale-up to develop industrial capabilities (transformation of professions, business models, operational models and processes, cognitive factory, etc.)

  • The run (base maintenance, resources and governance, periodic model review, etc.)

Data strategy in support of an MRO service platform for an industrial company

Kea supported the definition of the data strategy: after an analysis of the risks and opportunities related to this initiative (business, financial, intermediation risk), our teams built different strategic options (service offer & channels) and then elaborated the roadmap to market (algorithm development plan, operational model sizing, OPEX, CAPEX, organizational impacts)

Data strategy for the “Global Transaction payments services” of a major international bank

Kea supported the framing and the roadmap of the business data strategy to 2025, with a double challenge:  involvement and & alignment of the different business lines; and identification of of new business opportunities or operational models around data. At the same time, our teams contributed to accelerating management awareness and cultural transformation


The usefulness of implementing two-sided platforms

Platforms are the most powerful economic objects of our time

Two-sided platforms are the business models that generate the most value and huge margins compared to “traditional” models. They are massive, scalable and allow for the development of a global business in a short period of time. Present in almost all sectors, they continue to develop and can be found in both B2C (hotels, retail, tourism, luxury, leisure…) and B2B (advertising, logistics, industry, services…).

The development of two-sided platforms has changed the rules of the game for entire sectors of the economy. When an opportunity to create a two-sided platform is detected, we assist our clients in analyzing the opportunities (business and financial stakes, intermediation risks, overview of current initiatives on the market), designing the service offer, selecting the right “distribution” scenario (maximizing value while limiting intermediation), preparing the implementation and establishing the conditions to operate the platform.