International Player

We are a French strategic consulting firm that has always focused on the international arena, with our own offices in France, Morocco, and Brazil. Since our creation, we have conducted missions and projects in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

To support our clients worldwide, we created The Transformation Alliance, an international alliance that unites 5 Independent strategy & management consulting firms - Cordial, H&Z, Kea & Partners, MBS Consulting and Q5 - and comprises more than 900 consultants, operating on five continents with 15 offices in 12 countries.

> Africa (Casablanca)
> North America (New York)
> Latin America (São Paulo)
> Asia (Hong Kong)
> Australia (Sydney)

> Germany (Düsseldorf, Munich)
> Autria (Vienna)
> France (Lyon, Paris)
> Italy (Milan, Rome)
> United Kingdom (London)
> Sweden (Stockholm)
> Switzerlad (Zurich)

We support our clients all over the world

We have built a professional community with our “sister” firms based on shared values, a common vision on business and on business transformation.

Each of them remains financially independent, guaranteed by solid local roots. While our international network is not integrated, it has proven to be solid in the long run: the exchanges between us are such that the sharing of know-how and experience is strong and allows us to develop this conviviality between the teams, a crucial asset for our clients and their projects abroad.

H&Z, based in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, joined us in 2010, bringing us a powerful expertise on operational transformation processes, especially in industrial environments. Similarly, MBS, based in Milan and Rome, has been increasing our consulting strength in financial services since 2012. The English firm Q5, present in New York, Hong Kong and Sydney, joined the Alliance in 2018, with its Anglo-Saxon vision of change management and great expertise in the public sector. Finally, Cordial, based in Stockholm, joined the Alliance in 2019, feeding our strategy and transformation approaches. Also, we have developed a deep mutual trust, based on common consulting practices proven by the reality of the field and the experience of projects conducted together:

  • Projects carried out in more than 30 countries on 5 continents (more than 25 languages spoken within the Alliance thanks to the recruitment of bicultural profiles)

  • The Transformation Institute, an internal university with a dual purpose: transmission of know-how and development of approaches

Therefore, we have developed an original community, different from others in the consulting world, capable of intervening anywhere in the world with a rich and unique transformation practice.

In addition to this Alliance, we rely on an extended network of international experts and partners, enabling us to cover all markets, providing our clients with answers and skills adapted to consumer habits and country specificities.

For example, in Asia, we work regularly with Solidiance and, more specifically in China, with Fiducia.