The last three years have seen the acceleration of major changes: digital transformation of operations and distribution, open innovation strategies, new business models, development of responsible activities, and a rethinking of the managerial & human pact. Coming out of an incredibly prolific period, industrial companies have come up against the wave of the health crisis and new transformations to be led.

How we support our clients

Our ambition, and our daily practice as strategy consultants, is to work with management committees to give meaning to these changes, to influence strategies, to choose action tactics and to lead the necessary transformations.

We cover a wide range of topics: strategy and growth, competitiveness and operational performance, management and human resources, and information systems strategy. We offer original approaches to digital and cultural transformation.

Numerous industrial companies, large groups and ETI, are trusting in Kea & Partners. 30% of our activity is realized with industrial companies. This is the result of our originality and hundreds of projects. Our approach is imbued with the values that distinguish Kea in the executive consulting market: strategic agility, sustainable performance, preservation of intangible assets, co-construction with teams from the start of projects, and rapid implementation.

Throughout our offices around the world, we have 120 consultants in Europe (including 40 in France) who work in the industrial sectors, in addition to the teams of our partners in Asia and North America. We are particularly active in six industrial sectors: pharmaceuticals, aeronautics & defense, industrial goods and equipment, consumer goods, agribusiness (upstream), and construction materials.

Our know-how


Case-by-case transformations

The chessboard has changed, the rules have been modified and the upheaval is set to last
Since the health crisis, what was once the most predictable sector – up to 8 years of orders for single-aisle aircraft – has now become erratic. It is dragging down an entire ecosystem of large European groups and hundreds of small and medium-sized companies. With this harsh outlook, the challenges are manifold:

continuing R&D programs; maintaining production facilities, even at a slower pace; maintaining a flow of talent trained in our businesses; continuing to introduce new technologies; and continuing to expand internationally. What kind of transformations are needed? Strategic merger, recapitalization, rationalization, balance with a military or service business, accelerated international penetration… they are specific to each case. What they have in common is the spirit in which these transformations are carried out: necessarily marked by responsibility, they must adapt companies to the destabilization of the business, reshape the industrial landscape and reinvent a model.

Our projects in the aeronautics and defense industry

As partners of leaders of both small and large companies in the aerospace and defense sector, we work to transform their companies so that they can consolidate their position and grow. The projects we carry out together deal with general management issues: performance and profitability of industrial sites, acquisition &integration, purchasing strategy, factory of the future, growth strategy, sales & operations planning…

Our team of consultants has in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of the entire value chain: air transport, aircraft manufacturers, subcontractors, MRO & services, airports, regulatory authorities.

We conduct and publish targeted studies on trends and issues in the aeronautics industry, some of which are carried out in partnership with professional federations in France (GIFAS) and Germany (BDLI).

Performance and profitability of operational sites of a Tier 1 manufacturer

Within the framework of a joint work with site management, Kea has co-designed and deployed an action plan to support the recovery program of several industrial sites in a deteriorated financial situation: implementation of working methods, deployment of the necessary tools, management of the recovery plan and in particular the economic management

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) for a defense and space company

In order to help our client reach its performance objectives, Kea developed a new ”S&OP” interface, by establishing a procedure, rituals, decision thresholds, specifications for a digital tool and by involving the industrial stakeholders at each stage of the project


A revolution in sight

5 issues on the strategic roadmap for the construction industry

Despite the recent trends and events, actors of the building industry are no longer solely facing issues of continuous improvement or operational excellence, but of also the challenge of reinvention.

At Kea & Partners, we are mobilized to assist our clients in getting into gear to address 5 major issues, confirmed by the health crisis:

  • Fully leveraging digital and technologies

  • Establishing collaborative ecosystems

  • Developing innovative business models

  • Implementing commitments to sustainable development and responsibility

  • Making a major leap forward in training and skills development

Our projects with construction manufacturers

We support the various stakeholders in the construction industry – including real estate development, engineering and construction, operations & maintenance, building materials, equipment and distribution – in their major strategic, competitive and responsibility issues.

International strategic alignment program for a building materials company

Kea has conducted a strategic alignment program of the Group (resulting from successive international and local acquisitions, presence in 50 countries). The program has enabled all teams worldwide to take ownership of the group’s strategy and to develop a very high level of cooperation between countries, creating a new competitive advantage

Designing a green offer for a materials supplier

Kea has co-constructed a green offer, both as an immediate additional business opportunity and as the foundation of a new market leadership, to help the client face a difficult financial context and the emergence of competitors with sustainable offers


Health in search of a new vitality

Bringing healthcare to as many people as possible: one mission and five challenges

Faced with a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, healthcare players are adapting their business models: mergers and acquisitions between mutual insurance companies, the development of innovation clusters by pharmaceutical companies, the birth of ecosystems and partnerships encouraged by e-health players…

These are all concrete responses to fully fulfill their mission: bring health to the largest number of people.

It is with this objective in mind that Kea is committed to work alongside healthcare players to meet five major challenges:

  • Putting the patient back at the heart of the strategy

  • Embracing e-health

  • Granting access to care for everyone, everywhere

  • Committing to greater compliance and safety

  • Developing a culture of accountability

Our projects with healthcare players

In the healthcare ecosystem – pharmaceutical companies, distributors, mutual health insurance companies, retirement homes and solution providers – we provide managers with expertise on: strategy, business intelligence and go-to-market; innovation and digital for new value creation; cultural transformation; operational and commercial excellence; post-merger or acquisition integration.

Our approach combines ”out of the box” thinking  (rethinking value-creating business models), e-health solutions, and a more traditional approach to help decide and choose, taking into account technical and regulatory constraints, and the interplay of actors/stakeholders.

To bring innovative solutions to laboratories, our teams have supported the incubation of Tech Care for All (TC4A), an SSE start-up created by Emmanuel Blin and co-founded by Kea. TC4A’s mission is to transform access to healthcare in Africa and Asia in a sustainable way through the deployment of e-health technologies. With this partnership, our commitment to the health sector is twofold:

  • Providing relevant and proven e-health solutions, supporting their adaptation to local contexts and their deployment, to exploit new sources of growth

  • Concurrently transforming strategy and culture thanks to our distinctive consulting expertise recognized by our clients

Simplification program for the French subsidiary of a pharmaceutical group

Kea supported the teams in framing and implementing a simplification program, initially deployed on the highly regulated scope of marketing and promotion activities. Attention was focused on the transmission and appropriation of the proposed changes down to the finest level of the organization

Operational excellence of an international pharmaceutical group

Together with the client’s team, Kea assessed the maturity of the lean practices of the production sites on two continents and the corporate functions, based on a reference framework of practices and an analysis of the sites’ potential for evolution. Based on the results obtained, a specific roadmap per site was defined and shared with management