A Style

Our clients not only recognize the value we add by changing their methods; they also acknowledge the existence of a “Kea Touch”, a proper signature that distinguishes us from our competitors.

The Kea Style is, without a doubt, what makes our firm stand out, and the very essence of our consulting practice.

  • Kea is first and foremost a mixture of intelligence, energy, will, optimism, beauty, kindness, sincerity; and above all an ability to do things seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. Because if our “transforming consultants” are ambitious, it is above all for their clients, with the humility of not appropriating their successes. They take pride in the path they have taken in obtaining results for their clients. It is also a personal commitment of each of them to make the best solutions happen, with conviction but without imposing or being too assertive.

  • Our “Partners for transformation” slogan embodies our state of mind and our way of doing things in the service of the success of transformation projects. Our know-how and innovation in this field are at the heart of Kea’s DNA. We have a unique perspective on this strategic discipline, based on 20 years of research and development, with the conviction that the human factor is just as key to success as the strategic direction. In this respect, the black & red ribbon of our logo is very symbolic of our approach: working at the same time on strategy & corporate culture, models & behaviors, processes & values, structures & management, economy & ecosystems… all of this to reconcile them to build in the long term.

  • Kea is also a French success story, a lasting human adventure, driven by an enthusiastic group of people who are committed to work towards a capitalism with a human face, placing the men and women of the company at the heart of value creation. Humanism, intellectual honesty, independence in recommendations, search for results, prioritizing the long term in customer relations, the development of personal autonomy for each person… all these values are enshrined in the shareholders’ pact, showing how important it is for us!

  • It is on these values that we build and develop our collective project, a project that motivates and drives all our employees. Becoming an “Entreprise a Mission” was the logical next step in the Kea adventure, reaffirming our intention to embody an alternative to the Anglo-Saxon model. In doing so, Kea confirms its position as a responsible and committed player, a pioneer in the strategy consulting market. All this with an underlying ambition: to anticipate and contribute to the evolution of the sector and its practices.

  • For all these reasons, it is not easy to summarize the Kea style in a few words! But also, and above all, because it is first and foremost a sum of talents and personalities. “Free-Spirited Excellence” could be the common denominator. Free will, a culture of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and excellence are the hallmarks of our identity, as are generosity, close relationships, mutual trust, simplicity, and professionalism. These are qualities that we emphasize in our recruitment and in our training and learning methods.

This is the Kea style: emblematic fundamentals of consultancy for general management, that we want to be inspired and inspiring for clients and collaborators.