Services & Finance

The new economy – digital and knowledge-based – is profoundly transforming service companies. Platform companies, artificial intelligence, sustainability laws and corporate responsibility, revolution of customer relationships, agile marketing… these are all opportunities to rethink business models and ways of working according to the specific challenges of each sector.

How we support our clients

We work alongside our clients’ executives to help them gain the ability of anticipating and adapting while preserving/developing their distinctive strengths. Our ambition is to work with management committees to give meaning to the evolutions in progress, to think simultaneously strategy and execution, target and path, by making employees actors of the transformation. We address a wide range of topics: strategy and growth, competitiveness and operational performance, management and human resources, digital strategy, and acceleration – with original approaches, as a result of nearly 20 years of innovation, with the purpose of enabling sustainable performance.

Through our offices, we work all over the world in the service and financial sectors: banking, insurance, investment funds, energy & utilities, real estate, media, telecoms, leisure, tourism and catering.

Our know-how


An essential element of the economy, the bank is under pressure

84% of French people say that the banking industry is a strategic sector for the French economy

(IFOP FBF survey – 2018)

Banking institutions are at the heart of the economy. In a context of major societal disruption, they must overhaul their model, particularly considering the rise of new players, such as GAFAs, FinTechs or other business sectors (telecommunications, distribution…). This profound transformation affects their portfolios, the business lines, the internal organization, and a managerial culture originally balanced between risk management and innovation.

Our know-how enables us to support general management of both banks and new players in defining their business models, to undertake the customer experience challenges in an increasingly digital environment, while preserving financial performance.

Our projects with banks

Banks deal with general management issues such as strategy and growth, competitiveness and operational performance, management and human resources, information systems strategy. Based on proven methodologies in different contexts, our approaches are always built with the clients, considering their assets and constraints.

Thus, we accompany local banking establishments, as well as international players. We are particularly active in retail banking, private banking, specialized financial services, corporate and investment banking, as well as corporate functions, providing our clients with solid business and transformation expertise.

Creation of a retail bank

Kea accompanied an investment bank in the creation of its retail bank in order to reduce the uncertainty of the group’s profitability, by diversifying its portfolio of activities. In close collaboration with the General Management, the model of the future bank was defined, based on benchmarking studies, competition, and customer trends. A business plan, basis for a decision-making presentation to the Board of Directors, was built to determine the return on investment

Business framework for an international CRM tool

Kea assisted this consumer credit subsidiary in the framing of business needs using a customer relationship management tool, more particularly in marketing activities (campaigns and sales proactivities), with the ambition of deploying a single tool in more than ten countries with different economic contexts and business challenges


Succeeding in uncertain times… thanks to the right performance ingredients

200,000 insurance employees: so much intelligence to put into good use!

Controlling combined ratios, prudential changes, performance for all, new digital practices, launching new products… Insurers have always had to challenge themselves. So, nothing new under the sun?

Nothing new, perhaps, but the conditions under which the insurance business is conducted are changing considerably, due to the uncertain and unavoidable reconfiguration of the market, and due to the scarcity of a rare and expensive resource: employees!

  • Rare: it is challenging to find customer-oriented, digital, cooperative, and performance-oriented employees.

  • Expensive:  the arrival of digital competition can reinvent the rules of the game without the constraints of the past.

Alongside with the company’s strategy, the transformation potential of each employee will enable companies to get out of this situation.

Our projects with insurers

We embody the promise to make the transformation a reality in corporate cultures unused to change and uncertainty. By combining the mastery of transformation processes, a different perspective on management and knowledge of insurance markets, we believe that anything is possible. Since our creation, we have embodied this promise in all the key areas that shape the insurance industry, a sector that  changes every day!

Building a 50/50 partnership between two leaders in group insurance

How do you create a successful strategic partnership between two leaders that have nothing in common? By developing an incomparable value proposition, by devising a tailor-made governance structure, by leveraging complementary strengths, by uniting teams and business communities… and by keeping the objective in mind

Implementing a lean approach in an insurer’s branch network

Since 2011, the insurer has made it one of its objectives to imbibe the lean culture. Following a reorganization program, the Networks Department is adopting this approach with a double challenge